Ikon Park rooms refurbishment complete

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As the Northern Blues return to Ikon Park tomorrow, their home rooms at the Carlton venue will look vastly different compared to previous match-days.

Over the last two months, the Northern rooms have undergone a makeover, thanks to the support in the form of a generous donation from Lucent Capital.

New lockers were installed, while a mural and timeline detailing the club’s history have made their way onto the walls of the main meeting room.

Northern Blues General Manager Len Villani said the club was understandably thrilled with how the redevelopment had panned out.

“A really big thank you to Lucent Capital — Panos Miltiadou and the team down there — for the generous donation to put towards the refurbishment, which is now complete,” Villani said.

“It’s a fantastic result: it makes the place feel more like home, gives everyone a great sense of our history and brings up the standard of the club.

“It hopefully sets the scene for us moving forward and hopefully being able to add to it again: it couldn’t have been done without the support.”

Lucent Capital has over 75 years of collective industry experience in all areas of acquisition, design, execution and funding for medium and high density residential projects. For more information, head to their website by clicking here.

The club would also like to thank West City Cabinets and the Vinyl Wrap Company for their support and work throughout the redevelopment.