PCO home to brand new scoreboard

Scoreboard 2018 2

After extensive works, Preston City Oval has welcomed a brand-new scoreboard. (PHOTO CREDIT: Northern Blues Football Club)

The scoreboard at Preston City Oval has undergone and completed a major upgrade.

The old Cramer Street ground is now home to a brand-new electronic scoreboard, after works undertaken in the last few weeks.

The scoreboard is now a 3.8m x 2.8m LED screen, with capabilities for sponsor displays, player displays and more.

The old clock from the previous scoreboard has been maintained.

The process included funding from the state government, local government (Darebin Council), AFL Victoria, the custodians of Preston City Oval (Northern Blues, Northern Knights and Preston Cricket Club) and the Northern Football Netball League.

It will be used across the various competitions held at Preston City Oval, including the VFL, the TAC Cup, the Northern Football League and Victorian Sub District Cricket.

Northern Blues General Manager Len Villani said the scoreboard upgrade was a significant achievement for all parties involved.

“It’s been a massive collaborative effort and we’re really proud of the outcome,” Villani said.

“We had a test last night and saw it working in full action – it’s going to be an amazing asset for all the users of Preston City Oval for many years to come.

“It’s fully-customisable, it’s got the capacity for video and audio and it’ll sit proudly next to the old Preston time-clock which we restored.”

The Northern Blues play their next game at Preston on August 11. (PHOTO CREDIT: Northern Blues Football Club)

The Northern Blues play their next game at Preston on August 11.
(PHOTO CREDIT: Northern Blues Football Club)

Villani said the long-awaited arrival would give all tenants of Preston a boost, with the Blues to play their first game with the new scoreboard in just under a month against Coburg (August 11).

“Any modern day ground and facility at this level have electronic scoreboards, which will now become an asset that can be leveraged for us and use it as a communication tool for our supporters on match-days,” Villani said.

“It was a quick turnaround from Electronic Signs Australia, who we can’t speak more highly of: they did a great job with installation and were really professional from start-to-finish.

“We’re really looking forward to getting to use it at our upcoming game against Coburg on August 11th.”

Villani said there were a number of people to say thank you to.

“I picked up from where a lot of the groundwork and foundations were laid previous from Garry O’Sullivan, along with a number of other people,” Villani said.

“We had a number of different cracks at it from a number of means, but to be able to finally get it over the line with the final piece of funding from the Darebin City Council was a great result.”